Nova Scotia Maple Syrup

Sweet and pure. Some of the finest maple syrup in the world comes from the Cobequid Hills of Nova Scotia.

The sugar season

Every spring we gather the crystal clear sap from our sugar maples and transform it into pure maple syrup over a roaring fire. It takes about 40 litres of sap to produce 1 litre of maple syrup.

“Sugar Season” is synonymous with spring around here, typically a three to six week period of freezing and thawing from mid-February to mid-April. The season starts when the sugar maple trees first begin to wake up and ends when the buds swell in preparation for flowering and leaf out. 

In a time of increasing uncertainty, it’s comforting to know that this spring ritual of rebirth always returns, with the magical awakening of sugar maples and the gift of sweet sap.  

Maple syrup

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“Sismoqnapui” Sweet Water

The indigenous peoples of North America have been collecting and processing sap from sugar maple trees for thousands of years. We’re proud and humbled to continue that tradition. In the Mi’qmaq language, maple sap is referred to as  “Sismoqnapui” or sweet water. The ‘sugar moon’ is one of the thirteen moons in the indigenous calendar referring to the full moon that occurs in March-April, signifying the end of winter and the beginning of spring.