Third boil

Third boil

We collected sap for a couple of days and boiled on Sunday. Awesome weather, exquisite syrup. Here’s a view of our sugar woods hill from up in the sap house.

We had a busy weekend with Take Out, snowshoes and sugar-on-snow as well as our first Dine-in since mid December. Our team was all a little anxious but we pulled it off! 

And today here we are again, third boil! So far so good, according to Matt!


Scott posted this beautiful view while making syrup today. Can’t you just smell it?


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  • Stephen Woodward

    Hi Scott I have been a customer and fan for a few years. Correct me if I’m wrong but each boil results in a different quality of syrup, as the season goes on the the maple syrup becomes darker in both color and flavor. So if I’m correct this is why you have different color coded dots on your products, indicating the grade. Sorry getting there, so in your opinion what do you consider your best grade.

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