SUGAR SEASON FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)

Who IS Sugar Moon Farm? Scott, Quita + daughter Samara (13) + a bunch of fabulous part-time + full-time staff. Our family has lived here over 20 years. Go here for a little bit more info. We took over from Bob Williams in 1996 after apprenticing for two years. Our house is at the end of the Alex MacDonald Road. 

Is Sugar Moon open just in March and April? No we're open year round! 

So what is the sugar season?   Although we're open year round, activity ramps up around mid- February when we prepare for the sugar season.  It's an intense period of freezing and thawing during the months of February, March and April when we collect the clear sap from our sugar maples and boil it down to make maple syrup.  During this time, the farm restaurant and sugar camp are hopping!  Thousands of visitors come to eat, tour, hike, try sugar-on-snow and shop.

How big is your operation? Sugar Moon Farm is a 200 acre farm (you're on our land once you enter our parking lot) and has a 2500-tap sugar woods up the hill. All the tubing forms a network and the sap travels by gravity to our camp, beside our restaurant.

Do you sell your product anywhere else? Only at Tatamagouche Farmer's Market (summer) and Truro Farmer's Market (year round).

Do you ship? Yes, within Canada. Go HERE to shop.

How do we know that the season has begun?  Follow our Sap Journal.  Watch for updates on our Facebook page and Twitter and Instagram.

When can we come visit?  Here are our Hours of Operation.  

Do you take reservations?  We book Maple Magic packages (brunch - tour - sugar on snow) by reservation only at 9:00 am Sat/Sun and 10:00 am Fridays. Our regular drop in hours are 10-4 Fri-Sat-Sun and we don’t take reservations during these hours - you can simply drop in. Be sure to go HERE for tips on visiting during this busy season.

Do you charge admission?  No charge to visit.

Can I come during the week?  Yes! We're open Fridays. 

When is the best time to bring my elderly parents to visit? We'd recommend you come on a Friday, or for Maple Magic on a Thursday. If you can't come during the week, you should arrive when we open, or come after 3 pm. We do have an accessible side entrance and washrooms, and our tours are accessible as well.

Are you open during NS March Break? Yes...go HERE for details.

Are you dog friendly?  You can take dogs strictly on lead on the Rogart Mtn Trail.  We do NOT permit dogs around the farm itself, including up to the sugar woods and up the road toward our house.  Dogs must be on a lead at all times, anywhere. We have working livestock protection dogs and electric fences. Make sure you pick up after your dog - we do not have waste disposal.

Do you take Group, Corporate or School Bookings?  Yes - year round!  Go HERE to find out our tours.

How much are Tours and when are they? $5 for adults; $3 for kids 6-12. Preschoolers free.  Indoors, 30-40 minutes, in our sugar camp. Hourly whenever we are open. Sign up at the Shack.

Can we actually see the taps and the trees?  Yes, on a self-guided hike. You can hike up the hill behind the restaurant/sugar camp about 15 minutes to the "sugar woods" where the trees and tubing and original sugar camp are located.  The sap runs by gravity down the hill to our working Sugar Camp where the tours take place.  While we have a lot of snow, you'll definitely need snowshoes.   It's a rugged trail - nothing groomed, a couple of brooks to cross - but worth the effort. Please don't touch the tubing or go in the old sugar shack, thanks!

Can we watch you make maple syrup?  Yes, if we're boiling, you can watch.  Tours take place whether we are in production or not.  Mother Nature determines when the sap runs, so we can't always predict when we'll be boiling and making syrup. We typically boil 12 to 16 times in 3 to 6 weeks.  Follow the Sap Journal

Do you pour hot maple syrup on snow (sugar-on-snow)?  Yes!  During our Open Hours we make "sugar-on-snow" at fairly regular intervals in front of the sugar camp between 10 am and 4 pm.   $2/stick.  We also do it for groups, schools and reservations during the week.

We love the outdoors and hiking and snowshoeing.  Do you have anything we can do along those lines?  Definitely.  Check out our Outdoor Recreation page for details about some fabulous trails  and snowshoeing and skiing, as well Snowshoe rental and Trail conditions. 

Can you suggest any accommodations in the area? Yes!  Try Hampton Inn & Suites in Truro. Or go HERE to find out about other places in the area.

Do you have any Chef Nights during the season? No. Our next Chef Night is April 27.

I'm gluten-free (egg-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, nut-free).  Do you have anything on your menu that I can eat?  Yes!  Talk to your server. We offer gluten-free pancakes (cooked on the same surface); our sausages and bacon are gluten-free; we offer gluten-free Organic Hot Rice + Quinoa.  In summer we have even more.  Egg-free pancakes are easy to make.  And if you're dairy-free, you can bring your milk-alternative of choice and we can substitute.  Vegetarian?  Our maple baked beans are vegetarian. Nut-free?  We use pecans in our granola and as topping on some pancakes and sliced almonds on our hot cereal.  We do not use any nut oils.  Life-threatening allergy?  We’re so sorry but we cannot promise that there will not be any cross-contamination.

Can I call you and talk to someone?  We're not generally available to answer the phone, even when we are open. However, we do try to return messages the same day. You can also email and our response is usually pretty prompt! jordan@sugarmoon.ca. Jordan is our awesome Admin Asst and will be happy to answer questions!


Happy Spring!

Scott, Quita, Samara and Staff


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