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18. February 2019
Day 2 of tapping 🔨 today! 🎉 Scott had a great start yesterday, Sunday. Got more done than he’d expected. 😅 Conditions are slippery in spots ❄️ but generally really good and he doesn’t have towear snowshoes. Today it’s a very cold morning but once the sun 💥hits the trees he’ll be back up there. Yay! The first sign of spring!! Heritage Day today. We’re open 10-4. It’s the first day of the season that we’ll have the fire 🔥 pit set up, sugar on snow all day and an...
23. February 2017
9:30 pm Thursday Feb 23 2017 Happy Spring! The sap's started running! The trees are awake and we're collecting sap.
17. February 2017
FEBRUARY 17 2017 Quita here. In Earltown, we are in the midst of a very snowy February. We're just digging out of what is storm #3 this past week. The snow is a few feet deep. it's beautiful! Hard to believe that the sap will be running soon! Lots to do first, though. Scott just finished repairs in the sugar woods last week. Next week he hopes to begin tapping, weather permitting. Don't want to tap in colder than minus 5 - too hard on the trees, the gear and of course the tapper. We'll be...
27. February 2016
Boiled Friday. Made syrup. Quick boil because there wasn't much sap overnight. Had to clean it up because of cold temperatures coming Friday night. It would have frozen in the tank. Not the end of the world, but not great for the next boil as it would make it a bit tricky. So we have fresh maple syrup in our coffee this morning. And sickness in the house, as per usual at the start of sugar season. Juggling family, the need to finish tapping, the tours booked at the restaurant today. All part of...
24. February 2016
Steam stack's up, sugar camp's ready for a boil. Craziness, this season. Scott says this spring is the earliest he's experienced in 23 years of making maple syrup. And last year was the latest start. April 11. We're not fully tapped in, but tomorrow will bring sap and we'll want to be ready to boil. Our neighbours, Maple Mist, have made yummy syrup already. So there it erratic but early start to spring. Winter's over folks!
23. February 2016
So is it spring yet? Yup! The sap's been running in various spots around Nova Scotia. Is it running here at Sugar Moon? Not really...although it probably did a week ago. Sounds like it will really be the first run for us later this week, with the rain that they are predicting. Scott is racing the weather at this point. He was up tapping most of today. A few snags in the process but otherwise fairly smooth. When will the first boil be? Depends on when we're finished tapping and when the sugar...
20. February 2016
A great day of tapping. Good conditions. He's almost 50% done.
19. February 2016
Scott started tapping yesterday! Finally temperatures warmed up enough to get to the woods. He doesn't like to tap in colder than minus 5. So far so good...apparently he's 25% done. There's still lots of snow in the woods - he's on snowshoes. Pretty good conditions though - firm snow and cold. Sure better than last year! Things are hopping at the restaurant and sugar camp down the hill - we're gearing up with new staff and welcoming back returning ones. First school booking was this week - the...
28. March 2015
10:20 pm Imagine you're shoveling a one-shovel-width ditch for miles on snowshoes...
26. March 2015
11:48 pm We're SO relieved to be tapped in. Scott got the steam stack up and is working on...

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