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15. April 2016
6:35 pm Friday The sap did indeed run overnight Monday. It was still surprisingly crystal clear Tuesday morning when we did the final boil of 2016. Not only was it crystal clear, but the sap sugar was 2% - great! Christopher wasn't able to help out with the boil. He was looking after his little one and expectant wife who's having a little sugar baby any day now. That allowed Dave Hachey to help out Scott and fire the evaporator this time, after he and his wife had their own little sugar baby,...
11. April 2016
9:50 pm Monday We had a great day Saturday! Lots of visitors, tours, sugar on snow, and a productive boil with Bob and Scott. Wrapped up with a little stream of sap coming in. Then Sunday hit. We received over 22 cm of snow here, plus drifting. We couldn't open. Had a quiet day at home. Today the sun was back and so was the sap! Ran nice and clear this afternoon so Scott is collecting. He'll see how it looks tomorrow and, unbelievably, potentially do another boil. This has GOT to be the last...
08. April 2016
4:00 pm Friday As expected, the sap ran all night and we collected a tank full, with sap trickling in the other. Boiling now! Not as big a run as we'd hoped - if it had been, we would likely have been boiling last night - but we are grateful for every drop. Scott and Christopher are cleaning up that one tank. When he gets home, we'll know whether we collected enough for a boil Saturday. Boil #12 I think. Woohoo! Syrup is dark, end of season flavour, for those folks who have been waiting for it....
07. April 2016
8:45 pm Thursday Cold temperatures all week have meant that the trees were frozen and not giving us any sap. Today, however, the weather was warm and tonight rain is setting in. Heavy rain tomorrow. When Scott checked the sap at around supper time, it was just trickling. Did this mean that the trees have not fully thawed after this cold week? Don't know! We'll have to check tomorrow morning. It's nice to get this mild weather after three days of freezing temperatures. Here's hoping for at least...
03. April 2016
10:35 Sunday Another good day. Boiled off a tank of sap. Made darker syrup but still mid-season flavour. Cleaned up all the sap. A pleasure to have Bob here again! Answered some questions about sap and remembered checking the sugar content of individual trees on the farm, comparing year to year. Tonight is supposed to be minus 14. Light snow on the ground. The next couple of days will be cold, with more snow expected on Tuesday. No sap will come until it warms up again. Sounds like maybe...
02. April 2016
10:40 pm Saturday Great day today, boiling with the rain coming down on the metal roof. Made excellent mid-season syrup. Left a tank of sap to boil tomorrow, Sunday. We'll fire up at 11 again, Bob and Scott. Come on up!
01. April 2016
8:30 pm Friday The plan is to boil tomorrow starting at around 11 am. Bob will be here. He taught Scott how to make syrup over 20 years ago. It will be great to have him firing! Then Sunday we should do it all again + clean up whatever sap we collect over the weekend before the minus 10 temperatures Sunday night.
31. March 2016
4:00 pm Thursday Boiled yesterday, Wednesday. Scott and Christopher fired up at around 1 pm. Boiled til after supper, left with the sap running a little. It ran a little over night, and is running really well right now. We'll probably boil tonight. Better than boiling in a rainstorm tomorrow! So far this season we've boiled 7 times and have made about 60% of an average crop. Great, considering we like to boil at least 1/2 by the end of March. We're right on track. Pretty cool to have 5 year...
29. March 2016
9:45 pm Tuesday Great night of boiling til 1 am for Scott, Christopher and daughter #2, Kalina, home from Canmore for a visit. Warm temperatures overnight meant more sap; it filled one tank before things got cold around noon and froze up. Tomorrow Scott and Christopher will be back at it. Temperatures look pretty warm these next few days. Should bring more sap, but how long will it run? We'll see! Still making great tasting early mid season syrup. Meanwhile...Samara's still recuperating. Went...
28. March 2016
7:10 pm Monday Finally collected enough sap to boil! Christopher and Scott are fired up and ready to go for a few hours. Tomorrow's supposed to be messy. We'll see how long they have to go into the night!

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