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22. March 2019
The Sugar Moon was Wednesday night. 📸 Scott Whitelaw. He says (on FB): “Lol all the "worm moon" posts! There ain't no worms wakingup in Earltown. (Still 4-5 feet of frost in the ground). Now, the maples trees? They're trying to wake up for sure. Small run of sap today with, hopefully, more to comefriday/saturday. Guess that's why the Mi'kmak people's called this the maple moon :-)” My post from Facebook: “Extra-special moon tonight we have had Mary Louise Bernard facilitate a Sugar...
16. March 2019
Scott was home by midnight last night. The sap indeed ran steadily all night so we’ll be firing up at around 1 pm today. The photo below was taken by Matt, our fireman. Here’s what he shared on social media: #Repost @earltownmatt ・・・ Scott @sugar_moon_farm drawing off the first batch of syrup for 2019. This was my first time firing the evaporator and I really enjoyed it! It’s a peaceful place, especially compared the hustle and bustle of the pancake house! We saved a small vial for...
16. March 2019
Scott fired up the evaporator late afternoon today, and he and Matt are down there now boiling. It’s the first boil of 2019!!
14. March 2019
We're collecting sap...
18. February 2019
Day 2 of tapping 🔨 today! 🎉 Scott had a great start yesterday, Sunday. Got more done than he’d expected. 😅 Conditions are slippery in spots ❄️ but generally really good and he doesn’t have towear snowshoes. Today it’s a very cold morning but once the sun 💥hits the trees he’ll be back up there. Yay! The first sign of spring!! Heritage Day today. We’re open 10-4. It’s the first day of the season that we’ll have the fire 🔥 pit set up, sugar on snow all day and an...
08. February 2019
Time to do repairs🔨. Scott’s been up in the woods these days checking for breaks and replacing drop lines where needed. Conditions are great. Definitely icy in spots and he still needs snowshoes, but it’s definitely good going. The storms this year brought down a few trees, including some of our mainline supports😫The system is showing its age this year. We’ll have to replace those supports with more permanent poles, but not til after the sugar season. Otherwise....things are looking...
08. March 2017
10:28 am So after several days of wintery cold, the temperatures are creeping above zero - right now it's raining and about plus 3 here at Sugar Moon. Waiting to see what the trees do. Because the sap is 97% water, we need warmer temperatures for it to run. There are several forecast sites that aren't calling for it to go below zero tonight - that bodes well.
02. March 2017
12:10 pm Scott came home at 1 am this morning. They left a full tank and a half and the sap still running. Today though the temperature's supposed to drop by late afternoon. The sap will stop. And then it'll be a waiting game again and the next few days are going to be super cold. All went reasonably smoothly last night. There are always a couple of glitches at the start of the a malfunctioning thermometer, things like that. The syrup is awesome. Took a little more time due to the...
01. March 2017
7:45 pm Boiling tonight! Started around supper time with a full tank. Woohoo! Come on up this weekend! Our Sugar Season hours begin: Fri-Sat-Sun 9 to 5. brunch tours sugar-on-snow snowshoeing maple products
01. March 2017
8:50 am Rainy mild weather coming in. Waiting to see what the trees are going to do!

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