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17. April 2017
9:45 am There are 2 signs that your sugar season's over: 1. the trees don't give you sap, either because they just don't, or you don't have weather conditions conducive to sap flow 2. sap/syrup quality: sap collected after the trees have budded will not make good-tasting syrup. Yesterday's sap journal post expressed the eternal optimism of the sugar maker, based entirely on the weather forecast at that time. However, by the end of the day Easter Sunday, it was pretty obvious that the trees had...
16. April 2017
8:20 am So the forecasted cold snap hasn't happened yet. (originally predicted for this Easter Weekend). But...they are calling for below-freezing temperatures the middle of this coming week, and then warm-enough temps during the day. This week will tell the tale. We're going to see what the trees think of that. We'll keep you posted!
12. April 2017
8:30 am The trees, so far, say it's not over. We've been collecting sap over the last couple of days. We'll be doing another boil today. The first boil was Feb 25 - this is an unusually long season! We'll just see what the next few days bring. There's still a fair bit of snow on the ground. Bud development looks like it's started but still early. Once the buds have swollen, at some point, the sap chemistry changes and the syrup you make isn't great anymore. Remember, up here at Sugar Moon Farm,...
09. April 2017
9:00 am Almost everybody's really happy with this week's forecast of warm temperatures...except your local maple producers. This week of mild weather has the same impact as the cold weather in March: no sap. The temperatures have stayed above zero for the last three days, so the run has faded to a trickle. We need another cold snap to prime the trees for another run. The syrup we made yesterday doesn't give any indication that the season's over. Both colour and flavour are one would expect to...
07. April 2017
6:00 pm Well the sap ran enough over the past day that we have tankful ready for boiling on Saturday. Yay! We'll be firing up late morning. Extra special is that Bob Williams, our mentor and original owner of the farm, will be working with Scott on the boil, firing the evaporator, just like old times. Bob moved to Earltown from Vermont in 1973 and bought this 200 acre farm with the intention of turning it into a maple syrup operation.
06. April 2017
9:50 am Ever since March 15, we've seen only dribs and drabs of sap interspersed with freezing temperatures. Finally, after two days of brilliant sunshine and 5 degree temperatures, we've got enough sap for a boil today. The warm-up forecast for Friday onward ought to be interesting. Scott expects that we'll continue to get some sap, but how much will be up to the trees. Now our concern is that we are going into above zero temperatures for an extended period with no sub-zero temperatures...
27. March 2017
11:30 am The "dry" spell continues. Despite the beautiful sunny weather, the temperatures still haven't been able to get above zero. We're just watching the long range and waiting for spring to break again. For what it's worth, in 2004 the season kicked off at the beginning of March and then shut down for 23 days. We're nowhere close to that yet. Luckily the difference this year is that we've alnmost 1/2 an average crop. We have lots of yummy maple products available up here and are open...
23. March 2017
9:00 pm It's a winter wonderland out here. We got LOTS of snow with this past blizzard. A little sap before it started, but not enough to boil Again, it's a waiting game! We're not alone, of course. Anyone else making syrup in these parts is waiting for warmer temps!
17. March 2017
9:00 am Sweet Scott. What would we do without you? Hope the day is calm and the sap plentiful. We love you!!
15. March 2017
8:45 pm Scott and Christopher are finishing up a boil right now down at the camp. Beginning late morning, we collected sap all day and by 4:30 we had close to 3/4 of a tank and a steady stream of sap. We had to process it.

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