08. February 2019
Time to do repairs🔨. Scott’s been up in the woods these days checking for breaks and replacing drop lines where needed. Conditions are great. Definitely icy in spots and he still needs snowshoes, but it’s definitely good going. The storms this year brought down a few trees, including some of our mainline supports😫The system is showing its age this year. We’ll have to replace those supports with more permanent poles, but not til after the sugar season. Otherwise....things are looking...
18. April 2018
This last week saw our trees shift gears really quickly. We made some end of season syrup and then saw sap flow dwindle to trickle-drip. Given the state of bud development and the forecast calling for mild temperatures for the next several days, Scott pulled the line and called it a season. Looking back, we were all tapped in by the 18th of February, so our trees have been tapped pretty close to 8 weeks. This is what a lot of the guide books say is the limit for tap hole viability on...
12. April 2018
We’ve had a good week of sugaring weather but still temperatures were a bit too cold up here - we are close to Nuttby, nearly the highest point on mainland NS, so it’s always a bit cooler here at the camp and cooler still at the house and in the sugar woods up behind the house. By Wednesday this week we’d collected enough sap to boil.
05. April 2018
Happy 13th to our sweet Sugar Baby Samara!
31. March 2018
We had enough sap to boil yesterday, Good Friday. The syrup is delicious “early mid-season” flavour. Yum!
29. March 2018
Finally we've had some sap weather! These warmer temperatures during the day brought some sap and we boiled yesterday, Wednesday.
15. March 2018
Yay! We'll be firing up the evaporator at around noon tomorrow!
13. March 2018
Sap's been trickling...but we've been having fun!
07. March 2018
Yesterday, Wednesday, was the first day of productive boiling. Scott and Christopher made some awesome syrup!
02. March 2018
When you're running a gravity-fed pipeline sap collection system (or buckets, for that matter), you rely 100% on Mother Nature for a sap run.

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