20. April 2019
So, having wrapped up our 2019 production season with our Good Friday boil, all we can say is, "Wow!" and we're filled with gratitude. This one was definitely a year for the record books. Our yield of 0.87 liters of maple syrup per tap was the highest ever for our woods, both as Sugar Moon and during the Boondock days when Bob had the place (1973-1996). The weather worked in our favour and the trees were incredibly generous with sap that had a sugar content of between 2.5 and 3 % for almost all...
12. April 2019
Big boil last Sunday and three days of cold, flurries and sun and we're boiling again today (Friday) with hopes for another one over the weekend. We've officially surpassed our average expected yield and are eager to see how far the trees want to go this year. Given the signs of spring, the end is near......
07. April 2019
Cleaned up 1/2 tank of sap and left with a steady stream still coming. Tonight’s going below zero but with the sun and warm temps coming Sunday, we’ll be going again. It will be boil 11. A good season and the syrup still has beautiful flavour.
05. April 2019
What a memorable sugar season that was, 14 years ago! Your first visit to the sugar camp was at 11 days old....❤️
04. April 2019
“From the Wild"'s Kevin Kossowan & Giselle Couteau from Edmonton’s beloved “Duchess Bake Shop” couldn't have picked a better week to visit us. They were able to experience an absolutely gorgeous filming day in the woods Tuesday while we collected sap and then an awesome boil Wednesday with lots of sap, snow, heavy rain, wind, steam and syrup - virtually a whole sugar season expressed in one boil. It was our biggest production day this season, thanks to a sap sugar of close 3% and...
03. April 2019
We did in fact get sap on Saturday and had a great boil with Bob Williams, the original owner of the farm and his partner, Glenda. It’s traditional to have them out for at least one boil during the season and it’s always special. They both fired, chatted with guests and staff and it was so special to have them back at the sugar camp.
29. March 2019
So, after some significant cold, we were able to get a good boil in Thursday. The sap did run, but not as much as the temperature had us hoping. A testament to how "frosty" the trees and ground still is, perhaps. We have to see what the trees give us today -friday. We're hoping to get enough to boil tomorrow during the Earltown Community Maple Festival.
25. March 2019
Turns out that the sap ran really well all afternoon and into the evening during our Sunday boil. The best run so far this season. Things froze up overnight (-6 degrees) and then the trees decided that plus 2 and sunshine Monday afternoon was enough to run again. They're doing their thing now, folks!
23. March 2019
Friday’s boil was a good one. The camp was full of steam and the rain was so loud on the steel roof. It was another world in there....a magical maple world 🍁 Scott and Matt boiled til late evening and Scott bottled and came home later. Today? We have a little sap but will continue collecting and boil tomorrow, Sunday, firing up at 11:30ish. Woohoo!
22. March 2019
The Sugar Moon was Wednesday night. 📸 Scott Whitelaw. He says (on FB): “Lol all the "worm moon" posts! There ain't no worms wakingup in Earltown. (Still 4-5 feet of frost in the ground). Now, the maples trees? They're trying to wake up for sure. Small run of sap today with, hopefully, more to comefriday/saturday. Guess that's why the Mi'kmak people's called this the maple moon :-)” My post from Facebook: “Extra-special moon tonight we have had Mary Louise Bernard facilitate a Sugar...

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