Year round at our restaurant we serve these tasty biscuits warm from the oven with pure maple butter. Guests get a little surprise when they receive these with their drinks before their food arrives. It’s our welcome to them from us and we are sure to tell them that maple butter actually has no butter in it - it’s only 100% pure maple syrup turned into a spread. Enjoy!

Sugar Moon Farm Biscuit

Yield: 25
Red fife flour* 4 cups
Whole white flour 2 cups
Salt 2 tsp
Baking powder 3 tsp
Butter (cold) ½ lb
Milk 2 ½ cups
End of Season Dark Maple Syrup ¼ cup

Mix salt, flour and baking powder.  
Cut in the butter.  
Add milk and syrup, stirring as you pour.  
Adjust consistency with additional flour or milk to make workable dough.  
Roll out until approx. ¾ inch thick; cut with cookie cutters.
Tips:    If you get interrupted after adding butter, put whole bowl in freezer.  When cutting out, put cut ones in freezer frequently so that they don’t sit on counter.  Cold butter = flakier biscuits.  
Baking fresh**:    Preheat oven to 350.  Turn oven down to 320.  Bake 10 min and check.   
Baking frozen:    Preheat oven to 350.  Turn oven down to 320.  Bake approx. 14 minutes.  

*Red Fife Flour is a heritage grain, one of the original wheat varieties in Canada that is easier to digest than the later hybrids. We get all our flour from Speerville Mills in New Brunswick where they stonegrind organic Maritime-grown Red Fife. We sell the flour in our shop. You can sometimes find it in the natural foods section of your local grocery store.

**The temperatures given are for our convection oven. You might want to try baking them at a little higher temperature.


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