Trail Maps for Hiking + Snowshoeing Trails                     near Sugar Moon Farm

Hiking trail near Sugar Moon
Hiking trail near Sugar Moon

Sugar Moon Farm is surrounded by awesome hiking + snowshoeing trails - 30+ km of them constructed by the hard-working volunteers + pros with Cobequid Eco-Trails Society.  


Try them all.  Some are more easily accessed than others. Visit the Cobequid Eco-Trails Society website for lots of details, GPS coordinates and photo maps of all of the trails. Check out the maps here and get direction and tips from staff at Sugar Moon.  And be sure to begin or end your hike with a delicious meal at the farm.

Sound advice from the CE-TS website:  

"Note that these trails are wilderness trails. Appropriate footwear and a reasonable level of fitness are required. Cell phone usage is sporadic at best so be prepared to be self sufficient. Assistance if required could be hours away. Hunting season runs from the last Friday in October to the first Saturday in December. The use of hunter orange clothing is recommended during this period.

For more information read our Trail Users’ Checklist.

CETS promotes and endorses the use of "Keep It Wild" and "Leave No Trace" hiking."

The Rogart Mtn Trail is the easiest to access; it starts and ends in the Sugar Moon parking lot.  It's a moderately challenging hike that takes about 1.5 hour-2 hours but all levels can hike at least the beginning.  The rest of the trail gains quite a bit of elevation.  Excellent for snowshoeing.  Sugar Moon rents snowshoes by the hours; reserve ahead and allow about 2 to 4 hours to complete the trail.

Rogart Mtn Trail
A 6.2 km loop that begins and ends in SMF parking lot.
Rogart Mountain Map and Legend one pager
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The Earltown Lakes and Portage Trail is a lovely, easy hike that passes by two lakes and has nice picnic spots.  Great for snowshoeing.  Possible for skiing. Could drop hikers at one end on the Kemptown Road and exit at Hwy 311.

Earltown Lakes and Portage Trail
A 5 km trail that can be accessed from Hwy 311 or the Kemptown Road.
Earltown Lakes and Portage Trail Map & L
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The Sandy Cope Loop is an easy hike, but it takes a bit to get into it.  You can park at the hiking kiosk on the Kemptown Road and hike in along the Yellow Birch Trail. Pick up a map at the kiosk - there are waterproof ones available in a box - and return it afterward.  the Gully Lake Wilderness area can be a bit confusing because of ATV and snowmobiling trails alongside the hiking trails, but the Cobequid Eco-Trails Society has done an awesome job of creating clear signs throughout the area.

Sandy Cope Loop
A 6 km loop in the Gully Lake Wilderness area. Accessible from the Kemptown Road trailhead. Check with staff at Sugar Moon before hiking - finding access points can be a bit challenging.
Sandy Cope Trail and Willard MacDonald T
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The Gully Lake Trail is the most challenging to get to, as it is the most remote.  There are several dramatic waterfalls along with way.  If you start at the kiosk on the Kemptown Road, it's about 19 km return to get to the loop and complete it.  Be sure to check with us at Sugar Moon for tips before setting out.

Gully Lake Trail
A remote 13 km trail. Check with staff at Sugar Moon before hiking.
Gully Nuttby System with details.pdf
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