"Why aren't you boiling?"

Waiting for sap.
Waiting for sap.

10:50 am


We did get a boil in on Thursday, firing up at 11 am and wrapping up by supper time. Made some great syrup.  The boil cleaned the tanks of sap, before the return of sub-zero temperatures.


Now we're back to winter. Last night was around minus 20 and this morning, although sunny, is very cold still. 


Next warm spell should be sometime next week, according to some weather sites. But will a temperature spike be enough to wake up the trees?  We'll see!


Sometimes people come here to visit at this time of year and are disappointed that we aren't boiling. Hopefully they learn while they are here that we can't control the sap flow and that we boil when conditions allow. When it's too cold, we can't make syrup. We also can't keep sap very long and process it later- the quality of the syrup is impacted. 


So sugar season is this crazy mix of hurry up and wait. Hurry up to get tapped in, to get the evaporator and sugar camp ready. Hurry up to line up and train 20+ staff, to keep up with group inquiries and social media. But inevitably, we are not in control of the very product that is the heart of our business. 


So we learn patience. And we appreciate this incredible time of year when the deep cold of winter gradually lets go, the trees gradually wake up and rehydrate, the pussy willows begin emerging, the Canada geese come back, the foxes mate and the owls sit on their eggs.


Samara says that at this time of year, the sun "turns more golden and gets warmer.|" And it does feel different. And just like that, we're grateful.


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