We're tapping in!

Scott's tapping!
Scott's tapping!


It's a great day!

Scott went up to the woods this afternoon and started tapping. That means...  

He's drilling a new hole in every tree and gently tapping in the spile with a small hammer.  All on snowshoes.  There is a LOT of snow up there, so it will be slow going.  But at least he's up there!  He's feeling (a bit) better!  The sun is shining!  


When will the sap run?  That's the $64,000 question.  Hopefully it won't until Scott's finished all 2500 taps.  Sounds like it might warm up this week a little, but it has been so cold, and there is so much snow, that it's going to take more than a little spike in temperature to wake these trees up.  


So...stay tuned!  As soon as the sap begins, spring is here.  We'll send out an email (sign up for our list), we'll post here...and we'll shout out on Twitter and Facebook. 


PS: As I told the 150 students from Old Barns Elementary today, listen for the Canada Geese...cause when the sap starts running, they come back.   We've seen it happen many times here on the farm!


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