8ft lumberjack up to his neck in snow!

Sugar Moon Lumberjack, buried!
Sugar Moon Lumberjack, buried!


We've all had it up to here with snow.

That's George, our beautifully carved lumberjack standing outside the Sugar Camp.  Today is week four of tons of snow up here at Sugar Moon.  And day 5 of Scott's on-the-couch flu. And day 2 of Samara's flu.  (Good thing I'm feeling fine!)

Sugar Season is going to have to wait!

 We're not tapped in yet, but it doesn't seem to be a huge concern yet with all the snow and deep cold.

We don't tap unless it's warmer than minus 5, ideally.  Maybe by the time it warms up a little, the snow will be knocked down a little.


It isn't really late for a sugar season here.  When we moved to the farm 20 years ago, it wasn't unusual for sap to hold off til mid-March.   However, we don't want it to stay so cold in March that we don't get ANY sap (like last year).  


Us sugar-makers are a finicky bunch when it comes to weather.


The trick is...

We want lots of freezing and thawing once the sap starts - that's what makes the sap run - and we don't want the weather to warm up til later in April.  Once the trees start to grow, it's game over - the sap doesn't make good syrup at that point.


Nova Scotians are VERY excited about spring approaching!

Weekends have started to be much busier.  Visitors have been enjoying sugar-on-snow and snowshoes, along with brunch all day.  


Our awesome sugar season staff team of about 20 has come together really well.  The weekday group and school bookings are rolling .  We're getting ready to welcome weekday reservations for individuals and families for the first time!  (stay tuned)  And

we're gearing up for a great March Break with extended hours.


Now we just need to get Scott healthier and up in the woods and into tapping.  Send lots of healing thoughts his (and Samara's) way.


Then spring?  Bring it on! 


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